Thursday, April 28, 2005

Heart pounding

I am reading through the Relevant Church, kinda skipping around. I just finished Holly Rankin Zaher's chapter on Three Nails, an emerging Episcopal Church plant in the Pittsburgh area.
I'm not sure exactly what it was about the story of Three Nails that got me so fired up, but it did. As I read about their planning and praying and discussing what an emerging community of faith might look like, my heart literally began to pound.
There is excitement about the new and untried. There is excitement about maybe reaching people for Christ. There is excitement about something new!!!???

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Steve F. said...

Your reaction sounds very much like when I read Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire (the story of the Brooklyn Tabernacle) for the first time. The idea of everything being possible, of amazing power being channeled through us. It's an amazing feeling.

Allow the power of those experiences to infuse you, recharge you, and encourage you, my friend!