Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What have I learned blogging: Tech stuff

As I think about blogging and why I participate in it, it occurs to me that I haven't learned so much in short period of time since college. And the stuff I have learned blogging I am actually remembering. There is this sum of knowledge that I have been able to gain from blogging that falls into two categories: Tech stuff and ministry in the way of Jesus. Then there is the personal and relational growth that has come with blogging. This post is devoted to the Tech stuff.

All the links below are courtesy of other bloggers, mostly those in the list to the left in my blogroll. I should have kept track of where I found these links or learned about these concepts.

In the tech arena, I have discovered software like FireFox, my browser of choice and Open Office, an open source productivity suite that is fully compatible with MS Office Writeboard, is an online collaborative writing tool complete with RSS feeds to keep track of updates. Speaking of RSS feeds, I can't imagine trying to keep up with any ongoing conversation without a feedreader or aggregator. Gail's laptop has FeedDemon on it, which I paid and I use a free Firefox extension called Wizz RSS.

I have learned some actual html code. I discovered podcasts and actually created a podcast for the weekly messages from Crossroads. I bumbled upon the concept of Web 2.0. As a result of a blog recco, I now have two flickr accounts: one for friends and family kinda stuff and one for ministry stuff.

The above are just the highlights I'm not sure I could ever recreate everything that I have gained from blogging.



Ward said...

I just poked through the CCC podcast archive. That's a great idea. You've certainly found a way to use technology to further your life's work. Even if you're "bumbling forward", you're still moving forward, my friend.

wilsonian said...

I totally agree... blogging is a great way to work out ideas. And as my busy, real-life circles seem to stay small, I can't believe sometimes how blessed I am to come across such great thoughts/dreams/people...

Please include yourself there :)