Monday, March 06, 2006

A different take on fasting

Rick, over at a new life emerging, has some great thoughts on fasting. There is something that rings right and true about fasting being a departure from "me-centered" spirituality. I'm still turning it over in my brain but I wanted to pass it along because it is worth the read.

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Alan said...

I read that, and I was thinking about posting it over on the Spiritual Formation site. I'm still letting it sink in.

Before reading that post, I've began wondering if we take Isaiah 58 out of context, sometimes. I haven't really formulated all my thoughts yet. While I love that passage and it has spoken to me about my fasting, I've also seen it used to discount actual fasting. I think there might be a deeper meaning to the passage I'm missing because my narrowness of thought on fasting. Don't know if that makes sense or not.

wilsonian said...

Wanted to thank you for your thoughts on Ash Wednesday. I really appreciate what you shared about that prayer, and that is it prayed weekly.

I wonder if I would live my life differently, knowing that I would have to face Jesus in a few days and pray those words...?