Sunday, December 02, 2007


There is within me, a discontent. I cannot label it or quantify it. I cannot point to a person and say you are the source of this dissonance within me. Nor can I view an event through the 20/20 eyes of hindsight and say there "it" is, the source of my frustration.

At the same time this discontent feels somehow holy. It feels right. It has driven me deep into thought. The thoughts have begun to drive me into areas of prayer not before encountered.

I want this discontent to stop. I want this discontent to last.


hennhouse said...


Ed G. said...

it is the question that drives us all: what is the matrix?

seriously, my prayers are with you for the Lord to show you the way, teach you his paths, guide you in His ways and teach you.

And as Jesus always said: do not be afraid.

TK said...

hennhouse- thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement.

ed-thanks for the prayers. Keep 'em coming.

trace said...

I want your discontent to last. I can't wait to see what it births in you.