Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Trip to the mall....I mean megachurch

I found this article via a link on Church Marketing Sucks.

I am torn on this whole megachurch thing.
On the one hand, the article makes me cringe. The Christian subculture is creating consumers not disciples. The megachurch comparison to a shopping mall was confirmed by architects referenced in the article stating that it is the desired effect to create a mall-like feel in a megeachurch. The enormous offering of offerings for attenders to choose from conjures up visions of walking down the hall of our local mall until I find the store-front that caught my attention and happened to meet my particular need. There is even a food court type eating area. Programs to be consumed, atmosphere to be consumed, consumables to be consumed.

On the other hand...I have seen God move and work through and in megachurches. I have and contine to attend conferences at Megachurches. Each time I am moved, challenged, and encouraged.

What the guys at Church Marketing Sucks point out and what resonated with me as I read the article was
"...the perspective alone is what's interesting. In a sense, this is what church looks like to the ousider. One of the hardest things for churches to do is understand what it's like for a newcomer."

My concerns return from the big picture to the smaller picture. What do newcomers think, see and feel when they enter our doors for the first time? Do they see another subset of the consumers gobbling up their particular favorite flavor? Or do they see the hands of Christ reaching out to welcome them wherever they might be coming from.

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