Monday, December 27, 2004

more on technology that I can't do without

Inspired by Tim Bednar's post on I began to consider the technology that I can't do without.

Firefox defintely makes my list as the browser of choice; for tabbed browsing and live bookmarks which act kinda like a News aggregator
Feeddemon is the aggregator I use to keep up with the blogosphere.
Final Cut Express is the video editing program that makes me look like a pro (from what I have been told) at a fraction of the cost.
Flickr is what I use to share family photos as well as minstry stuff.
I am a total novice at web design, I get my help from HTML Code Tutorial

Anyway, those are the tools I am using most often right now. As an aside, with the exception of Final Cut, all were brought to my attention by other members of the blogging community.

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