Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Incapable of a significant answer

A comment I added to Tim Bednar's post on
To answer the original question, why the silence Tsunamis?
For me personally, I think it is because I lack the capability. I lack the mental and emotional capability of dealing with something so horrific. I sit in my toasty little home and begin to think of orphans bewildered, searching for their parents and I shut down.
I think of parents weeping and wailing at the loss of their of children. I think of my own children fighting to survive in the torrents of water that wreaked so much havoc and I become paralyzed with fear and sadness.
We were staggered, as a nation at the loss of 3300+ on 9/11, I can't begin to comprehend 155,000+.
Spiritually, I don't think there is an answer of any significance that we, as mere humans can offer. Not only does a signifcant answer not exist, I think we diminish the magnitude and tragedy of what happened when we try to offer one.

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