Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Loverboy and church

Found some really thought provoking stuff on Pastors "working for the weekend." The majority of our time and energy is spent prepping for one hour. What about the rest of the week?

Below is the stream consciousness that came out of the Loverboy post:

what if we occasionally cancelled Sunday morning and as a local community went and did something, you know as the hands and feet of Christ?

What if Sunday morning was “learn by doing time?”
Maybe a given Sunday Morning was all prayer? Not a message about why we should pray or exegeting great prayers of the bible but the whole community actually praying? Something we are supposed to do without ceasing gets center stage…

I think saying it (There is more to following christ than sunday morning) over and over is a good idea also. In addition to saying it, what if we took a sunday morning and asked the question to the community how can we make Sunday morning part of your journey instead Sunday morning being the journey?


trace said...

tk - good thoughts, good questions. wouldn't it be cool if we stopped 'going to church' and just started 'becoming the church'...?

Len said...

I love that concept but can it really happen outside of a house church or small assembly? It's hard to see it happening among a congregation/gathering of more than 40 let alone hundreds and thousands.

TK said...

Hey Len,

Yeah I think it would definitely be a struggle. Logistically I think it could be worked out. I think the struggle would come from those who view Sunday mornings as "their time."

I could hear the "How dare you take my time away" comments already. Sad state of affairs that needs to be overcome.

BTW-Man you are a mere shadow of your former self!!! Way to go.