Friday, May 05, 2006

National Day of prayer-revisited

So for the past few years our little community of faith has been hosting our local National Day of Prayer Event. Every first Thursday in May, people are supposed to gather in their local communities to pray for our country, our government officials, our troops, our families, our communities, the media, the poor, the aged, the imprisoned, and our youth. Each local session is supposed to start at noon across the country. (I don't know what they do with the whole time zone thing)
The national effort is championed by the Dobsons of Focus on the Family, fame or infamy, depending on your perspective.
I went; more to support my friend and boss who was leading the day's festivities. I had a lousy attitude about the whole thing. When I got there, he asked if I wanted to lead a section of the program. I politely declined. Instead of approaching the afternoon with a sense of hope and expectation of meeting God in prayer I had my back up. In hindsight, I feel like the day has become more of a political event rather than a prayer event. The thing felt like it had an underlying religious right agenda rather than a Kingdom agenda. I'm sure a lot of that is my own baggage and hyper-sensitivity to some of the less than Christ-like comments and actions that tend to originate from the right. Whatever the reasoning, I missed an opportunity to meet with the Father, who loves us all, right, left, middle; independent or lunatic fringe.
I didn't intend it to be but there is my confession.

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wilsonian said...

I totally get where you're coming from TK. I wouldn't bee too worried about a missed opportunity there. Don't you think God met you in your discomfort, in your desire for justice, in your longing for Kingdom? Sounds like He did.

TK said...

Hey Erin,

thanks for the words of encouragement. It always good to get an objective perspective.


michael said...

Hey Tom, Religion and politics - heady stuff! Like mixing beer and wine - makes my head spin, upsets my stomach, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But thanks for the reminder of how God works on my heart best when my heart is in it least.