Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Miscellaneous catch-up

After several bouts of the flu I believe my family is finally on the mend.

My usual blogging time has gone to administrating an online discussion of Dallas Willard and Jan Johnson's Renovation of the Heart in Daily practice for Crossroads Community Church.

We have begun the process of taking our extended leadership team through Gallup's Strength Finder Assessment. The concept is to identify your strengths then build on your strengths rather than try to "fix" your weaknesses. According to Gallup, there is no data, anywhere to show anyone, ever, converting a weakness to a strength. The best you can hope to do is get that weakness up to average. But identifying strengths and letting people loose to utilize those strengths is where things to start to explode. The assessment provides you with your top five talent themes. My top five are: Maximizer, Achiever, Connectedness, Competition and Belief. In English, I have the ability to take good things and people and make them great, I work my ass off, I see everything as happening for a reason, I thrive on being challenged by others and I have a strong set of values which shape everything I do. More to come on Strengths Finder as we begin the process of identifying and letting people loose.

I spent quite possibly the coldest weekend of my life with 300 high school students at Young life's Lake Champion. It was a solid weekend. I got to know some kids that are relatively new to our programs. The weekend also provided a great opportunity to connect with some kids who haven't been around much lately.

Gail continues to rock at Grad school. She brought home 3 A+ and an A for the first semester. She was upset about the A.

Jake's second grade teacher decided he needed to take the rest of the year off. So twenty 7-8 year olds are now trying to figure what to make of their new teacher. Jake is a not big fan of change. Neither is he a big fan of school. Throw those two things together and it has made for a tough couple of weeks.

I was able to score opening day tickets for the Yankees. Jake was stoked.

We cancelled club tonight, our weekly high school program, due to the weather. I will take my leave of you now to enjoy a glass of wine, some video games and Lost with Gail.


CampHillGirl said...

Glad everyone's better. So what's Gail studying?

TK said...

hey rach,

she is working on her master in speech pathology. That will allow her to do speech therapy in private practice or a school setting. You know that she is a geek at heart and loves this school stuff.


CampHillGirl said...

Wow! I bet she'll be great. But hmmm, I don't remember the geek part so much from college--more the hip, cool, in-the-middle-of-the-action person who everyone wanted to know--but then, W&M is probably pretty geeky overall. :)