Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday Miscellaney

  • The boys are on vacation this week and Gail isn't. So we had boys day today. Video Games and Wings for lunch and a snowball fight for dinner. That's the good stuff

  • I saw an ad today for a conference called Buzz. The tagline asked "Is your church Buzzworthy?"I recognized some of the speakers from other conferences or blog references and they are "very successful" pastors of large churches. Something about the sound of "Is you church Buzzworthy?" struck me as well...just wrong. Is your church serving the poor? Is your church caring for the hurting?Are your church doors wide open?Something there's got to be a better yardstick to measure your church with than "Buzzworthiness."

I have actually watched more American Idol this season than I care to admit. I think Mr Seacrest actually enjoys his part in the plight of those poor folks who never had anyone care enough about them to tell them they couldn't sing. He enjoys the drama he "creates" a little too much. I don't make light of peoples' eternal residences. That said, I think there is a special place in hell waiting for Ryan Seacrest.

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