Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Be with me

Strong outside in
I labor & struggle and work
I put on a game face
I stumble, I fall, I crash
Be with me
You are with me
Strong inside out
My face becomes a reflection
albeit a poor one of you
You push, you guide, you lead
You shape, you form, you sculpt
Be with me
You are with me
Strong inside and out
To stand, to reach, to fight
My face is the way you intended it to be
Be with me
You are with me


Ed G. said...

Oh no, TK, you're getting thoughtful now. This one's a far cry from "Sports Center"!

Had to come back a few times to re-read this one (and well worth the trips). If I had to guage myself, it's probably 89% outside in, 10% inside out and only 1% "in and out"... but it's a pretty cool 1%. Thank you again for this inspiration.

stacey t. said...

tk, i like it when you write stuff.
God bless you. more than He already has.
btw, tell gail i said hey. love to hang w/her some night. the house is currently clean.

TK said...

thanks for the thoughts guys. I appreciate it.