Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm home

I'm home after a great summer of traveling.

We had amazing short-term missions experience with some high school folks in Mahanoy City, Pa.

We had a great outdoor adventure with High school and middle school folks in the Adirondacks led by the outstanding guides from Pathway Outfitters.

I even got to spend some time away with my family at the beach. We rested, relaxed, camped, swam, mini-golfed, played baseball and I actually played golf. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family Gail and I got night away on our own.

In the midst of that hustle and bustle we also had time to read, and be quiet and still. So I came home from vacation having made one fairly profound realization and with a question to ponder. More on those later.

All and all, it was an excellent summer.


wilsonian said...

Glad you had a great time. :)

CampHillGirl said...

Great pictures. Sounds like a fun summer.