Monday, February 06, 2006

tag of 4s

Erin over at Biscotti Brain Posted this nifty little tag. Here are my responses:

Four Jobs I've Had:
1: Greens Keeper
2: Bank Teller
3: Sales guy (Consumer paper: toilet paper, paper towels cups plates, etc)
4: Youth Pastor

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over Again:
1: Godfather (only part 1 or 2)
2: Braveheart

Only those 2

Four Places I've Lived:
1: Connecticut
2: Pennsylvania
3: Arkansas
4: Ohio

Four TV Shows I Watch:
1: Lost
2: Scrubs
3: Rescue Me

That's about all I have time for

Four Places I've Vacationed:
1: St Maarten
2: Finger Lakes, NY
3: White Mountains, NH
4: Cape Cod, Mass

Four Websites I visit daily:
1: woot
2: Music for Robots

Four of My Favorite Foods:
1: Steak
2: Penne a la vodka
3: Apple Pie
4: Big D cheeseburger from Duchess

Four Places I'd like to be right now:
1: Fully Here
2: The White Mountains
3: Cape Cod
4: "Sitting on a beach earning 20%" (said in a german accent)

Slink, Greg, Tracie, Uncle Ward...if you guys haven't done this yet feel like playing?


wilsonian said...

:) I'm glad you played along! I love seeing what varied lives we've all lived..

And you're right... your site looks soooooo much better in firefox!!!

Wardo said...

Done and done.

trace said...

Four jobs I've had:
Library assistant
Tennis Instructor
Bakery staff
Learning & development consultant

Four movies I watch over and over:
Godfather, part 1
Top Gun
Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail (aren't they the same movie?)
Step Mom

Four Places I've lived:


Four TV shows I watch:
The Today Show
Seinfeld re-runs

and that's stretching it

Four Places I've vacationed:
Bermuda (pre kids, of course)
Cape Cod, MA
West Palm Beach, FL
Laguna Beach, CA

Four web sites I visit daily:
Bumbling forward
and just started on spiritual

Four of my favorite foods:
Pasta w/homemade gravy (red kind)
Creamed spinach ala Natalie
Mashed potatoes w/gravy (brown kind)
M & M's

Four places I'd like to be right now:
Poolside on a lounge chair
Beachside in a lounge chair
Canoe Brook Lake side on a lounge chair
Here in my office on my couch w/a good book (Hmmm...notive a theme there?)

This was fun - thanks for the invite

Greg said...


Cool post! Good way to learn about other people. I posted my responses on my blog.

See ya!!