Monday, February 20, 2006

When everything is said and done: Too close to home three days after I write the last post I taught during our Sunday morning gatherings. The message I prepared was about Jesus as the image of the invisible God. In order to get the best picture of God we need to enlarge our view of Jesus to include his birth, life, message, ministry, death and ressurection. The message was heavy with visuals, scripture on the screen, and a video of various artist's depictions of Jesus.

Our first service starts at 9:00 am at 8:58 am after an hour of rebooting and reconfiguring and tweaking and guessing and switching cables I was unable to get any sort of image from the computer that runs our service to the screen. As I thought back to my post and the article that motivated it, I said "okay God...if want me to do this without any of the stuff I had planned then so be it." One last ditch effort...and it worked. At 9:01 the announcement loop started running and the service started.

God's got one sick sense of humor...

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Alan said...

And of course, there's no small bit of humor for lacking visuals when teaching on the invisible God :D

Okay, so it's the image of the invisible God, but still funny, right?

trace said...

Remember my response to your 2/16 post? Last night while balancing my checkbook, I freaked out - I was 'in the red' due to a stupid error on my part (yes, this banker makes checkbook errors) and thus I have been into my credit line for weeks without even knowing it. Of course, my first thought was about how I was going to 'refill' the funds in my checkbook rather than trusting God for His provision. And then I thought of my response to your 2/16 post and thought, "Am I defined by the balance of my checkbook? How is that I could spend an hour in the morning connecting with God through His word, and then spend an hour in the evening on the very same day worrying about what's in (or in this case, is not) in my checkbook?"
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21)

TK said...
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TK said...

Oh it's Then not so much