Thursday, February 16, 2006

When everything is said and done

I found this thought regarding creating church experiences on Church Marketing

Yet the questions remain: How much should I do? What should I avoid? What is cool? What works?

Here's a simple approach I've learned...

If the electricity went out, and your walls fell down, and your biggest givers died, what would you have left? Would you have a community of people still seeking after the heart of God? Would you still worship even without a band? Would you still be able to learn about God even though you can't show a video or a PowerPoint slide? In other words, what you have when everything else goes away is what your church is really all about.

What great questions! I'm not sure if I have great answers. These questions are great filters to evaluate what we do in the name of ministry.

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Ward said...

At one point during my education, either at Sunday school or confirmation class, we were asked to give the definition of "church". We went through all kinds of variations of "a building with an aisle and an altar and and organ and a cross on top" until the teacher finally told us that the actual definition of "church" was "people". I've tried to remember that anytime I visit a new church.

trace said...

Yes TK, these are great questions. My thought is that they are LIFE-evaluation questions, not just ministry-evaluation questions..i.e., like Job, if my life crumbled and everything that's important to me went away, would I still seek Him? follow Him? worship Him?

What I am when everything else goes away is what I am really all about. Scary, but true.