Monday, October 16, 2006

it's tough being a raider fan

Anybody want to make a comment about the raiders performance last night. I can take it. Whatever the comment might be I'm sure it's deserved.

My buddies and I have this deal where the one whose team has the highest draft pick (read worst record from the previous season) has to host our annual "NFL Draft Day party." I will be sending out an email later today asking if anyone has any special requests for the Draft day menu. It's a sad day when I know will be hosting....and it's only October.

"Commitment to, uh...mediocrity....whatever"



Anonymous said...

You know I am a bronco fan but watching that game sunday night was boring. Beating the raiders is always fun but this is bad. I feel for you


Anonymous said...

Well, if the Raiders are going to be bad, they may as well be the worst and get the top pick in the draft. I would just hope they would draft well (QB) and not pick some speed demon receiver (none of which have helped them to the Bowl over the past 15 years). Gotta hurt to follow the Silver and Black these days. You guys are due for a Super Bowl appearance within the next five years. The country would love it.

I love the quote at the end of your post. Hope you don't mind, I now use it as a signature in my email messages.


TK said...


Glad I could help with the tag line. Use it well.


Anonymous said...

Let the Brady Quinn sweepstakes begin.