Friday, October 13, 2006

'til I'm old and grey

I started doing Student Ministry as a Young life volunteer. I had a "real" job ( I sold toilet paper and lots of it...don't laugh everybody needs it right?) and lived a normal life. I never would have guessed that 14 years later I would still be hanging out with middle school and high school kids and doing it professionally. Over the course of that time there were phases when I would look ahead and think I'm gonna do this 'til Johnny graduates. Then Johnny graduated and I said I think I can do this until Suzy and Joey graduate. Most recently, I said I think once Russ, Zak and Steve graduate I'm done. That would be June '08.

This past Wednesday, I drove a car full of freshmen guys from our weekly meeting over to the local fast food joint. Football players, skaters, honors-class kids and gamers; great homes, broken homes, dysfunctional homes; leaders, followers, and rebels, all who have allowed me into their amazing, wacky messed-up lives. We laughed and joked the whole drive. We piled out of mini-van and I watched the six of them walk into the restaurant.

I smiled and thought to myself I gonna do this 'til I'm old and grey.



Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, TK since I am older than you. I have thougth that same idea in my head but God isn't finished with me and those kids need someone like me and you. Keep up the great work


TK said...

As much as we miss you, I do get psyched on a pretty regular basis thinking about you building into kids in NC.



Tim said...

A couple years ago I met a guy in his 60s with white hair and all who's been serving as the Jr. High pastor at his church for 20 years! It was incredible! He wore a baseball hat, baggy pants, oversized t-shirt and was bouncing around with all the enthusiasm of someone half his age. I hope one day I'll be just like him.

stacey t said...

you? old & grey? nevahhh.
you are the best, and I admire so much how you open your home to kids and adults alike. plus don't forget your own kids will be that age one day too! you'll never escape it.
--stacey t.
p.s. thanks for the incredible soup last night. and the fellowship.

TK said...

hey guys,

thanks for the comments. TC, stace ya'll are too kind.

Tim-60 year old youth guy...I think I have a new hero.


Dennis said...

I couldn't have put my thoughts about it any better. Thanks.

Paul said...

Well, I'm more than halfway there at 35. Here's to us guys who aren't in this until we get a better gig.

TK said...

Hey Paul...Better gig? What could be better?

The sleep deprivation, the long hours, the messy lives...It doesn't get much better than that and I wouldn't change a single piece of it.

thanks for stopping by.


wilsonian said...

This is beautiful, tk.
There are some very blessed NE folks, that's for sure.

Zachary Russell said...

Hey I was one of those freshman!

TK said...

Yes you were my friend, yes you were. And now you are leading kids, I am blessed to have been a part your journey.