Sunday, October 29, 2006

Love compels us to action

I taught this morning at Crossroads about the how the love we have received from God compels us to action, living beyond ourselves. Sometimes, I take for granted that I live with one of the best example of self-sacrificing love I have ever met.

That's my wife, Gail, playing UNO with the boyz. It's 7:00 on Sunday night. We spent the morning at church. The afternoon was spent watching football with a bunch of the college guys then Dinner at my mom's.

She doesn't complain about the hard parts of doing full-time ministry. She always puts the boyz and I before herself. I am obviously biased but she is truly amazing.


trace said...

amen, I agree, she rocks.

don't you love the way God addresses you first in your sermon? that's usually the case for me.

PS - it was great.

Anonymous said...

You have a great woman, but you already knew that.


stacey t said...

sermon was great. love to hear you. and gail, if you read these, i always feel God's love around you.