Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weekend o' sports

We had a great weekend. Thursday Night Jake and I went to Yankee stadium and watched the Yanks get almost no-hit. Jake's line of the night, "Even though they lost it was still the best night of my life."

Friday Night, I hung out with some college and high school folks watching the Golden Eagles of Trumbull High dismantle the black knights of Stamford.

Saturday was at the UCONN/Navy game. My Father-in-law went to the naval academy back in the day and is still a die hard fan. It was pretty cool to sit amidst all the midshipmen and former and present sailors as Navy kicked the snot out of UCONN. Man I miss football!!!


tony said...

hey TK,
Thanks for leaving my a comment on my blog. Fun stuff.
I've been reading your blog for a while - but can't remember if I have ever commented. My wife grew up in Fairfield and my mother in law still lives there and we are up there every few months. The Madre goes to Trinity Baptist. Small world huh?

TK said...


small world indeed! Fairfield County is the center of the universe though isn't it? ;-)